Monday, February 4, 2013

favorite things.

In honor of Kate Spade's 20th anniversary and their year of Things We Love, I decided to share some of my favorite things (all of which I dearly love)!

FLOWER: tulips and peonies. 
FOOD: chicken divan. 
COLOR: green, followed closely by pink.
STORE: j. crew.
CITY: paris.
FRUIT: watermelon.
COLD DRINK: sweet tea.
HOT DRINK: peppermint hot chocolate.
SUMMER ACTIVITY: pool days. 
FALL ACTIVITY: watching the leaves fall.
WINTER ACTIVITY: curling up by a fire.
MOVIE: the holiday. 
ACTRESS: meryl streep, followed closely by kate winslet. 
ACTOR: daniel craig. 
AWARDS SHOW: the golden globes. 
SUBJECT: math. 
SONG: "wonderwall"
CONCERT: nsync in the 5th grade.
SMELL: clean laundry. 
WEATHER: thunderstorms.
ICE CREAM: rainbow sherbet. 
INDULGENCE: swedish massage, followed closely by a pedicure.


  1. Remember when we were working in the back of the office and when I had two I would use one of them to watch The Holiday and the other to work ;-) Also..I still have never had Chicken Devan. Just saying :-D

  2. Most of these just made me smile, except for that NSync concert in middle school. My ears are still ringing!!!