Friday, January 4, 2013


My family does traditions well. Well, we pretend that we do. They change over time and evolve with us as we grow, but we still have them.

1. We put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night while watching Christmas Vacation. 
1.a. We are not allowed to watch Christmas Vacation after Labor Day in anticipation for this event. 

(This is my favorite night of the whole year.)

2. We have had the same Advent calendar for my whole life. Well, as long as I can remember anyway. 

(Katie is the only one still at Mom's everyday, so much of the burden falls to her when it comes to remembering to add the ornament to the tree everyday, but when the rest of us pop in and out, we like to add to it, as well.)

3. We send out Christmas cards every year and we hang up the ones we receive all over the house. 

(I now do this in my own home!)

4. We have steaks and stuffed potatoes for Christmas Eve dinner and it's awesome. 

(Thanks for this one, Mamaw!)

5. We go to the 11 o'clock service on Christmas Eve. When we get out of church, it's Christmas. 

(We sing Silent Night at the very end and light candles and turn off the lights and it's magical.)

6. We still hang the pickle ornament, even though no one really remembers to look for it anymore. 

(Roger did actually find it this year.)

7. We have country ham for breakfast on Christmas morning. 

(And hash brown casserole. And bacon and sausage. And biscuits. And lots of other things.)

8. We go see a movie on Christmas Day. 

(This year we saw The Hobbit, which I fell asleep in. Whoops!)

9. We have our closest friends over after the movie for all kinds of appetizers, games, and fellowship. 

(This is also my favorite night of the whole year. I guess it's a tie!)

10. We start a puzzle on Boxing Day. 

(Well, this year, we forgot. But we're still going to do one!)

Does your family have traditions around the holidays? What are your favorite ones? 

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  1. I love that we do these and so many more! My hope is that you will all do them with your own families some day. Puzzle is going out today!