Thursday, January 31, 2013

plan 2013 update: organization.

January has been a success in terms of Plan 2013! Getting organized is one of my favorite things to do, in any area of life, so this month was fairly easy when I set my mind to it. Getting accustomed to my new life in the classroom has made his month incredibly busy, but I still made time to cross some important items off of my list.

1. Buy a desk chair. 

This was easy. I just went out and bought a desk chair. It's made it possible to actually use my desk, which is a huge step in the right direction for productivity!

2. Organize attic. 

My attic is a pull-down above my second story. The previous owners floored the entire space, which is a huge blessing because I have tons of storage space. Unfortunately, when I pack up a holiday (Christmas in particular), I just throw stuff up there and leave it. I took an hour or so and arranged the attic by holidays. Christmas got a section, Fall and Halloween got a section, extra luggage got a section, and everything else got a section. Now, I can find things easily. Voila! 

3. Clean out car. 

On Fridays, I clean out my car when I get home from school. Simple as that! 

4. Put finances in order. 

This is so hard, considering that I don't have an income right now. Basically, I'm seriously controlling my spending to the bare minimum (basically groceries) and paying my utilities. That's it. It's working so far! 

5. Get rid of anything without a place. 

I am still working on this one, but I'm so much closer! I really only have one closet left. Most of the stuff I will be keeping, I just need to organize the contents inside it. It won't be long before I can cross of #56!

Next up, exercise! Goals for February coming tomorrow. Be on the lookout! 


  1. Hey so uh....wanna organize the Tracys? For a free meal and hang out? Pretty please?