Monday, January 21, 2013

monday menu.

I spend part of my Sunday every week planning meals and grocery shopping for the coming week. I start with my spreadsheet that I shared with you last week and actually choose what I am going to eat for the week. With student teaching, I have to plan every meal of my day because breakfast must happen before I get to work, lunch must be eaten at school, and by the time I get home, I'm ready to start dinner. Therefore, my plan looks like this:

Then, I build my shopping list. I go day-by-day and write down every single thing on the list. For my entire week, my list looked like this: 

Then I go shopping... IN MY KITCHEN! I go through my whole list and mark off things that I already have in my pantry or refrigerator. And eventually, my list will look like this: 

Finally, I write my grocery list. Doing it this way, I save myself a lot of trouble and money because I don't buy things I already have and I don't forget to buy things that I don't have. I arrange my list by how my grocery store is organized. My final list was just over a page long, way down from four! 

Did anyone happen to notice what is MISSING from my list? Drumroll, please........ 

MEAT! I am officially doing my meatless week, which is #24 on my 101 in 1001 list. I'm one day in and so far it's going great! Without further ado, here's my menu for the week! 

 two whole wheat waffles
sliced apple
lunch at panera
granola bar
spinach lasagna rolls

green smoothie
carrots & hummus
leftover lasagna rolls
yogurt blueberries
garlic parmesan edamame

cheerios with strawberries
vegetables soup
sliced apple
baked potato

raspberry collider smoothie
yogurt blueberries
california sandwich
wheat thins
spinach artichoke grilled cheese

special k with red berries
sliced apple
leftover spinach artichoke grilled cheese
sauteed green beans and shallots

How does this list look for you? Would you be able to go meatless for a week? 

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