Friday, January 25, 2013

memory morning.

On Saturday morning, I was channel surfing and found that Mary Poppins was on, within ten minutes of it starting. I had to stop and watch! I was immediately transported back to a Saturday morning of my childhood.

My parents were out of town and friends were keeping us. When we woke up that morning, they told us that breakfast was going to be served in the playroom (we aren't allowed to eat in the playroom -- what?!). We had breakfast on the card table, watched Mary Poppins, and they put cheese in our eggs - a new phenomenon! It was a perfect morning that I've never forgotten.

Sitting on my couch, I got to thinking about my childhood, reminiscing things that were important to me and things that I'll never forget.

How funny is it that my two biggest movies associated with my childhood both star Julie Andrews? I already mentioned Mary Poppins. I always wanted a bag like hers! As for the Sound of Music, it always showed on television one Sunday night a year, and it was the only night that I was allowed to stay up really late and finish something. This film is still so important to me. 

I asked my mom what my favorite books were when I was a child. Her answer made me chuckle. She said that every book was my favorite! I was fortunate enough to have a mom who owned a bookstore, so we always had new and different books. Thanks to two parents who loved books and were constant readers, I also have a love for the written word. 

I had such a good time reminiscing about my childhood, reliving so many sweet and wonderful memories. I was (and am) so blessed to have such a great family that loved me and raised me so well. I can't wait to give my own children such a magical childhood one day.

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