Tuesday, January 15, 2013

diet & exercise.

I know that as part of my plan for 2013, February is going to be devoted to exercise and May is going to be devoted to diet and food. But honestly, who can wait five months before doing something that they KNOW is so important?

Come February, I want to:
  • get on a regular exercise regimen that I can stick to,
  • try new classes that I've been afraid to,
  • push myself in new ways,
  • and move to the next level in my health and stamina and flexibility. 
In May, I hope to really refine my diet by
  • making permanent changes, 
  • trying some things that I've really been avoiding despite knowing their health benefits, 
  • and branch out of my normal range of food. 

That doesn't mean I can't begin making changes NOW.

Tonight while watching the Biggest Loser, I had a revelation (again). If I have unhealthy food items in my house, I WILL EAT THEM. Why is that so hard to understand when I'm at the grocery store? I have to bring good things into my home so that when I get hungry, I only have healthy options to choose from. In order (for me) to shop well, I HAVE to have a list. In order to have a list, I have to plan my meals. This is how I do it:

Planning is so important and with a schedule like this, I am much more likely to actually achieve my goals! I formatted this for the remainder of the current week and based on what I currently have in my refrigerator. Starting next week, I will publish my weekly menus on Monday. I am actively going to work on making better choices for my meals while I slowly get back into a workout regimen. 

What do you think about the schedule? Would you be interested in using one? 
Good thing I created a blank one, just for you! 
Feel free to download and let me know how you like it!

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  1. I completely agree that you need to schedule things! I don't plan out my meals like you do, but I have scheduled my workouts and they are on my blackberry. I would also suggest using something like myfitnesspal.com to help you stay on track. :-)