Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a plan for 2013.

As I look forward toward 2013 and what this year might have in store for me, I was asked by a friend what my word for the year would be. After several hours of thought, I chose balance.

I prefer goals to resolutions and after reading (and loving) The Happiness Project, I have decided to set a goal for each month, all of which will hopefully tie back to my theme of balance for the year. The point of this is that focusing on one thing for a month is manageable and it is a length of time where habits can be established. Here are my months:

January - organization
February - exercise
March - friendships
April - schedule 
May - diet and food 
June - home
July - fun 
August - teaching
September - spirituality
October - writing
November - gratitude
December - style

January - Organization

I can't start any kind of plan without being organized. I'm going to finish the project I started, which is getting rid of anything in my house that does not have a place. I'm going to organize my attic. I'm going to work on keeping my car clean(er). I'm going to get my finances in order. I'm going to make desk a functional work space by finally buying a chair.

February - Exercise. 

I chose to focus on exercise in February because the reality is that a lot of the resolution-ers will have given up by then and I'll be able to find a parking spot at the gym again. I want to get back into practicing yoga regularly because I love how it makes my body feel. I want to be consistent with going to spin class in the mornings because I love starting my day with that burst of energy. I want to work on running with a goal being participation in at least three 5Ks this year.

March - Friendships. 

The past two years have been all about me since my dad passed away and my friends have risen to the challenge and taken wonderful care of me. I've been taking classes on the weekends and working a lot and I haven't had the time to take care of them the way that I'd like to. March 22 will mark two years since I lost my dad and I can't think of a better month to start refocusing on them and balancing out the playing field again.

Exciting thing for March: Anna's bachelorette getaway!

April - Schedule. 

During the month of April, I'm going to really focus on getting a good schedule going for every part of my life. Remembering things like when to pick up my prescriptions every month, to take the trash out on Sunday and Wednesday nights, to write down when my bills are due, and to clean certain things on certain days of the week. I'm going to schedule all of my doctor's appointments and actually go to them. I work best when I have a schedule, so I'm excited about this month!

May - Diet and Food. 

I want to refine my diet and work on only putting things in my body that are good for me. I've read several different things: I shouldn't eat meat because of my blood type, I should only eat dairy in the morning, et cetera. In May, I want to go see a nutritionist and get some real, sound advice. I chose to do this in May because that's when the grocery stores are finally bright and colorful and full of good foods again and I'll be extra motivated to cook and eat healthy for the summer.

Exciting thing for May: Graduating with my Masters!

June - Home. 

Come June, I want to spend a month working on my home. There are a couple of projects that I'd like to do - finish decorating my patio, paint my half bath, maybe put in a new tile floor in my full bath, patch a few holes, and just work on the general flow on the house. My goal is to make it feel more and more like a home with everything that I do.

Exciting thing for June: Anna and Matt's wedding!

July - Fun. 

What is summer for if not to have fun? During July, I want to be intentional about finding opportunities to have fun. Opportunities that I wouldn't normally take! I want to spend days at the pool, find a great place to watch fireworks, host a dinner party, go to new restaurants, and find ways to make the normal a celebration. Also, I'd love to go on vacation sometime during this month.

August - Teaching. 

Hopefully, come August, I will be starting my career as a teacher at a school somewhere, so this one is fairly self explanatory. I'll be busy focusing on my classroom, my students, my curriculum, and the day-to-day life of a new teacher!

September - Spirituality. 

Depending on where August takes me, I hope to know by September whether I'll be staying in Nashville for a while or if I'll be somewhere else. Depending on that answer, I'd like to start looking for a church that really fills me up spiritually and one where I can connect. I want to find a Bible study or a small group and intentionally be around other people who place priority on their spiritual lives.

October - Writing. 

And not just blog writing! While that's certainly on the list, I want to be intentional about writing letters and notes of encouragement, love, and joy to the people that are important to me. I want to write thank you notes for gifts and for helping me become who I am. I also want to write lists, especially my One Thousand Gifts list.

November - Gratitude.

Is there a better month for this than November? I want to be intentional in expressing my gratitude during November. This will include some carryover from October, in writing notes and continuing to work on my One Thousand Gifts list. I also want to express gratitude to people outside of my circle - the dry cleaner that always has a smile on her face, my favorite check-out girl at the grocery store, and the people that I run into occasionally that are always genuinely excited to see me. A little compliment and thanks can go a long way!

December - Style.

Most people would do this in the spring, but I am hoping to be a different size in December than I am in April and I'll hopefully have had a job for several months so that I can afford to do some shopping! I want to work on defining my style, potentially with the help of a stylist at a store that I adore. I want to get rid of things that I never wear. I want to organize my closet (even more so than it already is). Most importantly, I want to get a pair of boots for Christmas that I can actually wear.

LET'S DO THIS, 2013!!

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  1. This sounds awesome! I need to implement one of these for myself.
    Very impressive Liz!