Tuesday, January 29, 2013

#60: take portraits with my siblings as a gift for my mom.

My brother, Will, is in the Navy and stationed outside of Jacksonville, Florida and he doesn't get the opportunity to come home very often. So when he was home in September to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday, I did a little scheming.

We haven't had a photo shoot done with all four of us since we were very young. I think I was 12 the last time -- I'm 25 now. It was beyond time to get some updated pictures of the four of us together and I figured, why not surprise Mom!

A friend of mine, Molly Peach, is a high school student with a gift for photography. I asked her to help me and she agreed and suggested a great location. We all managed to sneak away from Mom for an hour to get some great shots. Then, we managed to keep it a secret until CHRISTMAS and surprised Mom with them on Christmas Eve. Now that she's seen them all, I figured it was time to share them. I hope you enjoy!

Cross #60 off of my l01 in 1001 list!


  1. This was one of my all-time favorite gifts! I love them all...silly, goofy, sweet, serious...I love my kiddos!

  2. Love in every shot! These are wonderful Liz!