Friday, December 21, 2012

things I love: Christmas edition.

1. Christmas trees.

This is the first year that I've had a real Christmas tree and I love it. My house smells delicious. I took several hours decorating it, placing ornaments carefully and making sure that there weren't any holes. I think it turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

2. Wrapping presents. 

There is nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect gift for someone, coming home, wrapping it immediately, and placing that bad boy under the tree. Also, it's December 21st and I've been done with my shopping for several days! Every year, I pick a theme for my wrapping and this year has to be one of my favorites!

3. Warm socks. 

I'm a sock person. There's nothing more wonderful than putting on a new pair of socks. For most of the year, the only time I wear socks is when I'm working out, but during the winter I have so many more opportunities to wear socks. This year, I made a decision to wear cute socks! Don't you think they're cute? 

4.  Handwriting my Christmas cards. 

I have found no greater pleasure than sitting down and handwriting Christmas cards to the people that I love. Writing notes has always been something that I have enjoyed, but it seems to be even more special this time of year.

What are your favorite things during this season?

Ornaments: Macy's, Pier 1 Imports, Hot Pink
Tree topper sprays: Hot Pink
Garland: Pier 1 Imports
Wrapping paper, ribbon, and baker's twine: Paper Source
Socks: J. Crew
Christmas cards: Paper Source

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