Tuesday, November 27, 2012

family matters.

I thought I should take a moment and introduce you to my family, since I reference them a lot. Drum roll please...

This is my momma. Her name is Nancy. She's pretty much the greatest woman on the planet. She works at Williams-Sonoma and makes the best chicken noodle soup you'll ever put in your mouth. Actually, she makes the best of just about everything. She loves to decorate for holidays. You should see her house right now - every surface is Christmas-ized! She is a reader, a gardener, and the definition of a good mom. 

This is my brother, Will. That little munchkin in his arms is Newman, his English Bulldog. Newman weighs 90 pounds now, so it's hard to snuggle him like that anymore. Will is 23 and a sailor in the United States Navy. He is stationed in Jacksonville, Florida and serves onboard the USS Gettysburg. He has quite the collection of snow globes. He loves to go deep sea fishing and reads more than you would probably think.  

This is my brother, Roger. He's 22 and a senior at the University of Tennessee. He is majoring in political science and business. He's trying to decide whether or not he wants to graduate school. He's the go-to man for his fraternity, Kappa Sigma. He's currently the Social Chairman and plans one heck of a date party. He has a very impressive collection of nutcrackers. He plays chess and likes to duck hunt. 

This is my baby sister, Katie. She's 19. Isn't she beautiful? Katie is the toughest young lady I know. She hasn't had what you would call a normal high school experience, but she is all the stronger because of it. She loves to bake and has the cutest aprons I've ever seen. She enjoys bubble baths and yummy candles. She also reads like a fiend and is pretty much the sharpest person in our family. She also happens to be the funniest. She also happens to be the only member of our family with a permanent nickname. 

This is my daddy, Roger. He's no longer with us in this world, but I was honored to have had him in my life for 23 years. He was, without a doubt, the best dad there ever was. He was funny. He was kind. He took care of the people around him. He worked hard. He was creative. He loved his family with every fiber of his being. He had a silly little laugh that came out when something really tickled him. He told outrageous stories, including one about a lion who wore a bandana and drove a Jeep, that we actually believed as kids. He always answered the phone. He drove with his left foot hanging out of the window. He hated wearing shoes. For about 90% of the year, he wore khaki shorts, a white Polo shirt, and Reef flip flops. He loved to hunt and he loved to fish. He loved books. He made a mean ham & cheese omelet. He was the best, and I miss him tremendously. 


  1. The best part about your family is how many other people are welcomed into it :-D ::cough cough::

  2. And together you all make the best family ever!

  3. And, you are the one that rounds us out. Thank you for writing this today. It truly made my day and made me smile. I love you and I'm very proud of the young lady you have become. You will be an awesome teacher and I can't wait to see you making a difference in little people's lives every day.