Tuesday, October 16, 2012

just in case.

I will blame this habit on my sister, but I still don't think that I have as bad of a case of it as she does:

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I like to frequently change my iPhone case.

There. That wasn't so hard!

My favorite brand of cases is above & beyond Kate Spade. They are reasonably priced (I haven't ever found a case worth its salt for less than $40). They are sturdy. And best of all, they are CUTE! Here are some of my favorites, including a few that I have owned myself. Do you have a favorite? What kind of case do you use on your iPhone? 

(previously used)

(currently using)

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  1. umm I can SO SO SO relate to this. I probably have a different phone case for every month. It is a serious addiction. I was on a Kate Spade kick and then found this website...which is where my current one is from. THERE ARE MILLIONS OF OPTIONS.

    also...never knew you had a blog until i saw your tweet today! I read your post about your Maybooks..LOVE the 101 list idea. might have to do that. you inspired me. you can cross that one off your list :)