Tuesday, October 9, 2012

house keeping.

I love my house.

Sure, it's not really a house. It's a townhouse. I have neighbors on both walls. I share a patio. I don't have a backyard that is technically mine. And I'm only responsible for the upkeep inside the house because, theoretically, the outside is maintained by the HOA. But I love my house.

Lately I've been on a major house cleaning/purging/organizing binge.

It started with my closets. I couldn't find anything I wanted to wear without getting an bicep workout sifting through the extremely packed rack. So I did what any normal person would do: I took everything out of my two closets and looked at every piece of clothing before I put it back in. If I hadn't worn it in a year and it wasn't a special occasion dress, it got donated. If it was very obviously designed for summer, it went into storage bins for the season. If it was damaged, stained, or had a hole, it got tossed.

What resulted was amazing. I could USE my closet. It was efficient. I hung two racks on the back of one set of doors and got all of my shoes off of the floor. I folded all of my cardigans and put them on a hanging self, with purses in their dust bags on the bottom shelves. I folded all of my jeans and put them in a basket, which is much more accessible.

Then, suddenly, I was overcome with a desire to cull through my bathroom closet! With a new roommate, I have had to really cut down on the amount of space my stuff takes up in the bathroom. I thought I did a good job when she first moved in. Nay nay, it needed another go! Suddenly, I was able to see all of the stuff that I need to use in my bathroom, rather than having to go through about 12 baskets to find that one thing. Amazing!

Following that, I cleaned out the shelves above my washing machine. And straightened and organized my pantry. And went through a stack of papers, filing was I needed to save and tossing the rest of it. Finally, my house was going from a hodgepodge of stacked up stuff with no home to an organized oasis. I wasn't stressed as soon as I walked in the door anymore. What a concept!

One of my 101 in 1001 items is: 56. Rid my house of anything that doesn't have a place. I am well on my way to achieving that. One more closet to go!

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  1. A woman after my own heart. :-) I LOVE organizing! You should post pictures of your closet and bathroom.