Thursday, October 18, 2012

closets are sacred.

As I alluded to in a couple of earlier posts, I have been a serious organizing/purging/cleaning binge in my house lately. Now, my car is another story, but my house is looking great! My friend Monica suggested that I share some photos of my simpler lifestyle, and I decided to take her up on that idea! So, without further ado...

My bedroom closets! 

This is my main closet with shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, skirt, and shoes (heels on one side, flats on one side). Those top two containers are summer clothes, packed away for the season. The trunk contains tote bags and other things that needed a home. You can't see it, but on the far left, there's a hanging shoe bag for clunky shoes like sneakers and short boots.

My hanging shelves with folded cardigans. I've discovered that this is the most efficient way for me to organize them and not take up a ton of room, where they are also easily accessible. 

My basket o' jeans! 

My second closet, home to dresses, coats, scarves, luggage and laundry baskets.

No, my closets are nothing fancy. I didn't go out and buy a perfectly color coordinated wardrobe to hang on the rack or paint the inside of the closet pink and I don't have a full set of identical, velvet hangers. This is a real closet. It's functional for everyday use. I have room for everything that I need and have gotten rid of everything that I don't. When I have more free time and more money, maybe I'll paint it or buy those awesome hangers. Stay tuned! 

Next week, I'll be showing you my bathroom. Do you have any tips for keeping your bathroom closet, shower, or vanity organized? 

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