Thursday, October 25, 2012

bathrooms can be beautiful.

This is the second edition of "look at my house, it's not junky!" Today, I am showcasing my bathroom. Before Meredith moved in, I had a closet and a vanity completely full of my junk. Two days before she was due to arrive, I realized that I needed to do some major cleaning. Then, a month after she moved in, I decided that I needed to give it another go. Here's the end result: 

My bathroom!

This is the small closet in the bathroom. Top shelf is mine, middle two are Meredith's, and the bottom is mine. At the very bottom, you can see where we store all of our cleaning supplies. (For perspective, I used to have the top three shelves full of those green baskets. NINE of them!)

This is my one true bathroom drawer, which is home to all of my makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant. Drawer dividers are genius.

This is my pull-out shelf, that hides behind a door. In it are hairbrushes, hair accessories, hair products, skin care products, and makeup brushes.

My bottom shelf in my vanity. Home to hair appliances (hairdryer was plugged in in my bedroom), travel bags, and tall bottles of hairspray.

This is my very small shower caddy. I discovered that, believe it or not, there's no reason to have three full sets of shampoo & conditioner! I have one bottle of shampoo, one bottle of conditioner, body wash, face wash, bar soap, and a razor. That's all I need! 

And finally, the counter. Notice, there's not much on it. I love it that way!

Next up, I'll be showcasing my bedroom. How do you keep your bedroom surfaces (floor, nightstand, dresser) from becoming one giant trash can or laundry basket?

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