Friday, October 26, 2012


Today is my 25th birthday. I honestly cannot believe that I'm actually 25. Where did all of those years go?! Here are some things that have happened over the last quarter of a century...

1987 : Elizabeth Helen Waynick was born on October 26th.
         : The Cosby Show is the most popular television show.
1988 : George H. W. Bush was elected President of the United States.
         : Crack cocaine first appears.
1989 : Brother, William Thomas Waynick, II was born on May 10th.
         : Mikhail Gorbachev named Time's Man of the Year.
1990 : Brother, Roger Scott Waynick, Jr. was born on June 4th.
         : Nelson Mandela freed after being imprisoned for 27 years.
1991 : The Soviet Union is dissolved.
         : The most popular baby names are Michael and Ashley.
1992 : The LA Riots erupted, killing 55 people.
         : Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States.
1993 : EHW started kindergarten at Oak Hill School.
         : Sister, Kathleen Malone Waynick was born on October 20th.
1994 : EHW's Gramps dies.
         : EHW and her family moved to Post Oak Circle. 
1995 : The Oklahoma City Bombing killed 168 people.
         : Toy Story is the first ever movie completely designed on a computer.
1996 : Kerri Strug clinches the gold for the US Gymnastics Team on the vault with an injured ankle.
         : The Macarena becomes the most popular dance in the world.
1997 : Princess Diana is killed in a car accident in Paris.
         : Beanie Babies are the must-have toy.
1998 : University of Tennessee football team wins the National Championship.
         : EHW enrolls at Battle Ground Academy.
1999 : Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France.
         : EHW's Grandpa dies.
2000 : The Tennessee Titans lost the Super Bowl to the St. Louis Rams by one yard.
         : George W. Bush elected President of the United States.
2001 : EHW elected 8th grade class president.
         : The attacks on September 11th kill over 3,000 Americans.
2002 : EHW starts high school.
         : Friends is the most popular television show.
2003 : EHW gets her driver's license.
         : The movie Elf is released.
2004 : EHW has her first car accident.
         : A tsunami in Indonesia killed over a quarter of a million people.
2005 : EHW goes on a mission trip to Camp Barnabas.
         : Hurricane Katrina ravages the Gulf Coast.
2006 : EHW graduates from BGA and begins her undergraduate career at Baylor University.
         : Saddam Hussein is executed.
2007 : EHW pledges Alpha Delta Pi.
         : The iPhone is released.
2008 : EHW selected to join Student Foundation.
         : Barack Obama elected President of the United States.
2009 : EHW's Nana dies.
         : EHW and her family travel to England and France.
2010 : A 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Haiti and kills more than 230,000 people.
         : EHW graduates from Baylor University with a BA in Child & Family Studies.
2011 : EHW's father, Roger Waynick, dies suddenly while on vacation.
         : EHW begins graduate school at Trevecca Nazarene University.
2012 : EHW's Mamaw dies.
         : EHW pays off and now owns her car. 

How much life I've already experienced. I feel tremendously blessed to have made it through 25 years on this earth. With God's help, I'll make it 25 more.

Happy birthday to me! 

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